From fundamentals to sizzle …

Workshops will help participants:

  • avoid the most common mistakes,
  • work towards a correct, consistent and compelling style,
  • develop a unified tone of voice for your brand and
  • serve up a little sizzle ‘n’ spice.

Taking each sample submitted, we’ll identify and classify any issues using the categories in the pyramid shown above:

  1. Grammar & spelling
  2. Vocabulary & phraseology
  3. Terminology
  4. Style
  5. Sizzle

We’ll start at the grammar & spelling level – examining the most common pitfalls. For intermediate and more advanced groups, we’ll kick off at whichever level our samples need attention.

And then we’ll work our way up towards the sizzle!


Progression from the fundamentals (grammar & spelling) to a little sizzle (style & special effects) isn’t going to happen in one workshop, however.

It’s about continuous improvement.

From …

  • B1 > B2 > C1 > C2 (proficiency level)
  • language learning > copywriting (activity)
  • generic > tone of voice (company branding)

➡︎ ‘Where are they held?’