As a Dutch company, you’ll probably have to communicate in English at some point or another. Either because you do business internationally or because you employ so many non-Dutch speakers that English has become your company’s primary or official language – even for internal communications.

But what about your branding?


Branding is far more than just a logo, a typeface and a colour palette. It’s also the language, style and tone of voice your employees use in all their written interactions with your English-speaking or non-Dutch-speaking customers.

  • It needs to be distinctive to cut through the noise and stand out from the crowd.
  • It needs to be consistent and recognizable – representative of your company’s personality or brand.
  • And it needs to be of a sufficiently high standard.

Let’s get real, though! There’s no way you’re going to hire a native English copywriter or translator for every single piece of English-language content* that leaves your company. Think about all your company emails, blogs, social media posts, customer support chats and so on!

I developed wordsmith workshops to help your employees improve the level of their written English and give your company’s branding a boost!

* Though it would probably be a good idea if you did
for your business‑critical copy.

So why workshops?


Chances are you’ll be able to relate to how a couple of my clients felt …

They’d noticed that some of their employees were overly confident about the level of their written English, whereas others were reluctant to admit that their written English wasn’t actually as good as it was ‘supposed’ to be. Huh?

Living up to the Dutch’s reputation as the world’s best English* speakers was causing some employees undue stress.

This is why I developed team workshops, tailor-made to help their employees:

  • avoid the most common mistakes,
  • work towards a correct, consistent and compelling style,
  • develop a unified tone of voice for your brand and
  • serve up a little sizzle ‘n’ spice!

And now available to you and your customer support, marketing, PR, sales and social media teams, too!

* English as a second language, that is!